The motto of this year's International Museum Day is THE POWER OF MUSEUMS. more

During the 16th European Night of Museums the Department of Ethnography of Pomerania held a guessing game. The task was to figure out the use of the presented object.  more

DON'T GO TO SLEEP! GO TO THE MUSEUM!16th European Night of Museums on May 14th 2022. Most of the attractions are available from 18.00 to 24.00.  more

Starting from May 4th, visit us on new opening hours: more

Національний музей у Щецині Centrum Dialogu Przełomy організовує забави для дітей молодшого віку. more

The exhibitions of the National Museum in Szczecin - the Szczecin History Museum are unavailable until further notice. more

The staff of the National Museum in Szczecin along with Mi-Gracja Society are collecting articles to help Ukrainian refugees. more

Mutual relations of mothers and daughters are rarely a topic of contemporary culture. There is a whole sphere of social expectations towards women that impose their ways of lives and their behaviour towards one another.  more